How to be Patron



Invitation to be SVUM Patron

The role of Industrial Association, Federation and chambers is very vital in sustainable development of Industries, Trade, Economy & society at large. Being federation of the Trade & Industrial Organizations in Saurashtra-Kutch; Saurashtra Vepar Udyog Mahamandal (SVUM) is committed to create a business friendly environment for holistic & sustainable development of Saurashtra-Kutch.

Saurashtra-Kutch is recognized for its vibrancy and entrepreneurial spirit & to showcase its strengths to the local & global market Saurashtra Vepar Udyog Mahamandal (SVUM) is regularly organizing SVUM International Trade Show, International Business meets, Seminars and foreign buyers visit. These activities are supported & welcomed by all major Industrial Associations & Chamber of Commerce of Saurashtra-Kutch.

In last 7 Show, our show is attended by 1000+ foreign Buyers from 50 countries, 30 countries diplomats and 3 countries ministers & importantly 1000 cr booked business. The countries list is as under. Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Afghanistan, Algeria, Australia, Bangladesh, Belarus, Benin, Bhutan, Botswana, Angola, Kenya, Lesotho, Iraq, Israel, Gabon, Ghana, Guiana, Ethiopia, DR Congo, Czech Republic, Cote d'Ivoire, Guyana, Portugal, Republic, Congo, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Mali, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, United Kingdom, USA, Uzbekistan, Togo, Sudan, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Singapore, Slovakia

Our organisation had the privilege of being the coordinator for signing MOUs with African nations during the African Development Bank meeting and Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2019, by the Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of Gujarat.


We cordially invite your company to be SVUM Patron. Cost for the same is Rs. 11000/-.( One Time Fee For Five Years)

Benefits of Being SVUM Patron:-

  • Global Exposure via SVUM Network
  • Scope to meet International Buyers/Sellers
  • Up to 50 % Discount in SVUM Stall Rate
  • Up to 50 % Discount in Vibrant Gujarat Industrial Directory Advertisements
  • Up to 50 % Discount in International Business Meet Fees
  • Business & Export Enquiries
  • Discounts on SVUM Promotions and Advertising
  • Networking opportunity on Chapter Meets
  • Opportunity to be a member of expert committees
  • Opportunity to provide mentorship to SMEs, start-ups, young and women entrepreneurs
  • Members will be allowed to use the logo of the Chamber on visiting cards, letterhead, website, company profile and promotional material with prior approval
  • Opportunities to interact with VIPs, dignitaries and speakers at various events
  • Connectivity with foreign Business Partners for Joint Ventures, Technology Transfer, collaborations and Contract Manufacturing Tie-ups
  • Marketing, Branding & Promotion amongst members and at various events
  • Recommendation letters for Business Visa, Government Agencies, Banks, Corporate and other agencies